The owner of the club had promoted the show well, people came and they loved us to very end of the show the, version we better than the old ones, people liked them a lot.

After the show and signatures the owner feed us well with Whisky and we went to the hotel the owner bought a new bottle of whisky, and we got in trouble with the receptionist because of smoking in the lobby, so we left trying to find a restaurant, which we did in the end, Martin had hired a private taxi driver to stay with us all night he showed us a local restaurant/bar, we ate and drank more.

American John wanted some American food so we went to MCDonalds and over did it a bit a full bag, probably about 5 kg of junk, we went to the hotel and started arguing who will sleep with who, I ended on a small fold out bed, which was completely destroyed when i woke up i was on the floor.

Out side that night was a huge windy storm, so our hats were flying 100 meters down the street several times, at least we got exercise which was needed with the drinking level we had that night, it was another good night with empty credit cards.

Louie Fontaine

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