Our second show in this town, the club was nice attitude great , the band was in fairly good shape we were told that the show was sold out, so how much better it could be.

This was my second show before i join the Starlight Searchers and erase Louie Fontaine from the poster, so it was a big night for me , i played 13 years in the same pants and now its was almost over, i was ready to give the Russians what they wanted and i did, and i did it good, the crowd was real good and loved us, it was a bit Beatles like feel.

After the show we were taking to a back room for dinner, which nobody in the band seemed to have much interest in so we took that with us and began to drink instead for the 3 day. Alot of fans around us in room, then suddenly a fight started EK got involved holding back the guy not much success, it was one mad guy who was walking, around looking for trouble the chairs started to fly, nothing happened after little while all was under control.

The party moved to our beloved golden tour bus, which got packed with people, we got some weed and vodka of cause and talked to people, i was hanging with a beautiful girl called Tanja and the singer from the last show that warmed up for us, people were running after the truck when we left, we for sure will return soon enough to Kaliningrad it’s great town they love Rock’n’ Roll.

Louie Fontaine

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