The band except Ek stayed in the golden bus, i woke at 11.00 toilet needs, and went to my own place, meet my wife, got a little pleasure, that felt good after all that girl attention we just had.

When i went downstairs i found Washington and Martin drinking black hot drinks under the excuse that i left them in cold truck with the window open, well i guess i was my fault, they got drunk from the morning sure it was.

This was the last show as Louie Fontaine & Starlight Searchers from not on its just Starlight Searchers, and the last show in my old pants, a full house about 500 people maybe more, some left since we played last after a very popular Latvian Band called Iron wolf but there was still a lot.

We had a trouble with the first songs but the middle part went well. When band members started to change instruments and leaving the stage time to time things got a bit loose, well it was an emotional show, but all together good it had its moments, a lot of people is always good, we might been a little to used and we stated around 2.00 in the morning but i felt fine after the show.

There of cause was a party the club manager had made collection of flavored Whisky’s, the Iron wolf boys joins us after the show, and the party went on, i ended up in a fight with my wife close to noon, we still don’t talk to each other, it’s Wednesday now, I’m going home.

Louie Fontaine

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