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Rock Garage
From Latvia. Mr. Louie Fontaine and the Starlight Searchers give birth to something that I can’t stop playing in my stereo. It’s called Don’t Bring The Kids. And there’s nothing else to say except the solemn invitation to listen to it.

21 tracks of dirty, rusty soaked-in-whiskey blues with flavours of South America in a scenario of sombreros, ghost towns in the desert and narcotic rock!

Louie Fontaine might sound influenced by Tom Waits, but with all due respect, Mr. Fontaine can keep up the challenge with Mr. Waits and eventually win, especially when it comes to shoot awesome videos and short movies in remote locations of Venezuela!

It’s not about fashion as intended by the new generations tormented by doped talented puppets on TV, it’s about folk tradition in rock’n’roll, no computers, no plastic!

Don’t bring the kids it’s a movie more than an album, a lifestyle soundtrack while driving a beat up Dodge Coronet ’65, a fascinating and undiluted blend to be swallowed all in one shot.

Original Review by Paolo Tocco
Really? I’d have never thought that a 21 tracks album could sound so solid from the beginning till the end!

Big ups to the all star blues band Starlight Searchers and Louie Fontaine for the album Don’t Bring The Kids, a full length of New Orleans tinged rock’n’roll blues .. simply unique!

Born in 2010 from mastermind axeman and leader Louie Fontaine, this project is as hot as South American summer , every chord, drum beat and bass line sound like taken from the past, a past we all thought would have never returned since the ’60 – ’70.

The Starlight Searchers did it , 21 tracks that are just as perfect as a time machine , without sounding dusty and old school.

Original Review by Iacopo Mezzano

My Revelations
Starlight Searchers, the latest creation of Blues Rock Mastermind Louie Fontaine, recently released a new album titled Don’t Bring The Kid, a solid, very melodic blues rock album!

No doubt that they definitely have skills especially when it comes to lay down a soft, rhythmic atmosphere taking the listener to a world of catchy, ear-worming, addictive riffs. Don’t bring the kids is an impressive 21 tracks album (78 minutes in all) of high level Blues Rock! If you like your music smooth and sexy , I definitely suggest this album in your collection.

Original Review by Johannes Albert