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Live in St.Petersburg at Club Manhatten (25.05.13)


Starlight Seachers – Mama Hell Road (2012)

Mama Hell Road – From the latest CD Buried & Blessed
Release Date: December 1st, 2012

The second video to have come from Fontaine’s hand within just one month is ready for fans to see. Shot in Venezuela’s burning desert on the Araya peninsula and Turuepano Delta in the state of Paria during June 2012. The intense, hot blooded ballad Mama Hell Road, walks hand in hand with the surroundings of the desert, in a perfect match that visualize the songs true feeling giving the viewer a unique experience that is even better than just listening to it on Cd.

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Buried & Blessed – The Video
Release Date: November 10th, 2012

The title track from Fontaine’s latest album is ready for Hollywood. Shot in Venezuela ‘s burning sun, Fontaine brings you a video that makes us laugh & cry.
The story line is devasting; a retired soldier (Louie Fontaine, now a taxi driver) has his best friend sent to war, leaving his newly wed wife in the Taxi drivers care. After a year , she loses patience and starts looking for a new love ”…so why not marry the best friend?” .
Well no man wants to deal with that! So the retired soldier tells her that they have to be 100% sure that his best friend is Buried & Blessed & Dead before he would even think about walking down the aisle with his best friends woman.
She arranges a meeting with General Chavez to find out whether her husband is dead or alive, but comes back empty handed , and therefore devises a plan of how to convince the best friend to marry her.
In the plan, she reveals her evil intentions, by arranging a meeting with the local undertaker and bribes him to issue a death certificate and sell her a coffin in which she plans to bury her husbands picture and personal belongings. This will be the way to convice the best friend to marry her, since his friend is now officially declared Buried & Blessed & Dead. On top of it all, she uses her sexy dominating appeal to manipulate Louie to say yes.
Right after the burial ceremony ,she commands him to take her to the wedding shop. She enters the shop dressed in black and comes out in white, 100 % convinced that the best friend now will marry her.
While she is purchasing the wedding dress, he makes one final attempt to call his friend. This time he picks up, having been lying wounded in the hospital. Louie tells him the situation and all hell breaks loose!!!

Produced in Venezuela at the location of Rio Caribe menuscript & music by Louie Fontaine ,Camaras Uldis Rubezis, Peteris Rubezis.mixed by Ricards Gecis Riga
Taxi driver: Louie Fontaine
Soldiers: Yorman Trogonis
Wife: SenoraTahjis
Other soldiers: Dorado, Moles, Luiz
Mariachi Meatballs: Frank Ruiz: Gui, Usyusmir Espinoza :Trumpet, Alexander Jesus Cordova: Trumpet
Waiter & Funeral man: Francisco Gonzales

Download a high quality version of Buried & Blessed direct to your desktop …here
Download a high quality version of the trailer direct to your desktop here