THE CROATION LEG (Sept 24th – 26th)

Zagreb Thurs 24th Sept Croatia
Hard Place

A rainy day, no people in the street, met local promotor Demitre. The place was probably the best we had seen so far on this tour and the sound check went well. But the previous night in Bratislava, drinking heavily to build a 180 euro bar bill that we ran away from, had taking its toll on us and combined with the fact that we smoked a joint before the show (which was supposed to fresh us but took us down instead), music-wise the show was not the best. Not enough people as well. I think was the reason Drummer Jacob was not pleased with the situation and gave the band a lesson after the show. He was the only one that did not smoke. I went to sleep after the show, I was completely dead.

Bjelovar Fri 25th Sept Croatia

The band woke up in the tiny apartment, and slowly got washed, Martin Burke and I slept in the golden bus but both of us woke up early with a desire for a toilet. I did some shopping and brought breakfast for the band. Was planing to make bacon but found out their was no stove to cook on, so that didn’t work.

We arrived at the club in time. Met promoter Dino, who was extremely helpful, and who invited us out for a dinner. Having a meat plate, Croatian style was very good and a lot of it. It was raining heavy like the day before, Dino was expecting more people but they never arrived. We had 40 people there rocking, the band played extremely well and ended up having a little party after the show, drinking a local white wine that is supposed to keep your erection up high, even after drinking 1 or 2 bottles. Well I don’t know about that, I guess I will have to try it out one day. We took of after the show and drove all night

Split Sat 26th Sept Croatia
Klub Eks

Well this place was probably the most weird club I ever played in, the home of a bike club. We were picked up by Jimmy, who came on a bike of course. We followed him but suddenly he turned off into a little mountain road and disappeared into the hills. It was way up high and somehow we managed to drive the golden bus up there. The trailer could not turn at the curve and it took quite a struggle to get it there.

So when we go the stage, it was build like prison cage and looked a bit like in the movie with the Blues brothers. The place was more like a garage and I was not too optimistic from the beginning, but we went for it anyway.

Klub Eks

I had a Danish friend, Kenneth Majgaard, who I hadn’t seen for 17 years coming to the show as well as a Norwegian friend, Vendel Hausken and her friends. We met them in town and went to the show together. The warm up band was rocking already when we arrived, the Norwegians seemed to be a bit scared of the place and left again less than 5 min after we arrived. I had warned them that it was a shady club but all folks gotta do, what they gotta do.

People arrived and we played well. I was hanging in the prison bars half the time and people went crazy, dancing in front of the cage. Not the safest show I ever played and security is now everything for me. Jimmy and Jamie were barbecuing outside the club, it felt bit like playing in some remote Arizona highway shack. All together a good night, we got a framed picture from the owners which is now hanging on the wall in the golden bus.

Louie Fontaine

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