Banja Luka Sun 27th Sept Bosnia Herzegovina
Klub Bunker

Another basement! The guys were nice but the place had a broken mixer and it took forever to make sound. There was a known punk band in town, who apparently stole the audience. The ticket lady, Nadja, was nice to us and helped me find some smokes. Thanks for that, we are now facefuck friends. The promoter Nicklas, tried all the guitars out and was very exited about them, he is a great player himself.

We started to play in front 10 people but suddenly at the end of the show, some people arrived and demanded extra songs. I started off a few songs not on the list and the band ended sounding like a rock n roll band, the sound was extremely bad in that room and my ears were ringing like church bells all night.

Sarajevo Wed 29th Sept Bosnia Herzegovina
Club Monument

This very nice place was full from the beginning to the end of the show. People were into the music 100%. I had some trouble with my guitar so i did the mic show this night, which was good. Some girls were rocking that hard that I almost had a hard on onstage. Flirted a bit after the show …just a bit! Nice people we met in Sarajevo. After the show, I met Maria who told me/us a bit about the siege of Sarajevo during the war, a nice person she was.

We had the first day off before this show and the bad boys, me, EK and Rick had been hanging out until 15.00 in the afternoon in the jazz blues club (24 hrs open) building up a big, big bar bill. Our manager Johnny Angel put us to bed and rented one room for another day in the apartment hotel next to the jazz bar.

I had a weird dream that night. There was no window in my room and when I woke up I was sure (maybe because we were going to Romania next day) that I was locked up in a gypsy horse trailer.
After the show we went back to the Jazz blues bar. I think we played a song or 2 there before heading straight to Serbia, a terrible long ride.

Budapest Fri 2nd Oct Hungary
Route 66

The sound check took forever and nothing worked. Very few people were there, to be exact 22. Most left after the warm up band who played the show with no PA. The owner and friend loved the show but there’s not much to write about. We went for a little walk around Budapest the next day, had the best Goulash I ever tasted and now have left for Slovakia, hoping for a full house.

Louie Fontaine

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