THE TOUR GETS UNDERWAY (Sept 21st – 23rd)

Torun Poland Monday 21st Sept
Pub Hard Rock Pamela

Very well promoted gig and the house was packed already for the opening band. The band played very well, the only problem was that the light show blinding everybody, it was like playing in the dark, so there were a few mistakes here and there but the energy was high.

I (Louie Fontaine) went to bed after the show, but the bad boys EK, Martin and crazy Rick got in a cab after the show and picked up some booze. In my room next to the party …freaks …it sounded like a boys gang bang. Later, i was told that Rick Heart, who has a tendency of showing himself naked in front of people, had done it again and stripped in front of his band mate,s showing his 17.5 cm master piece which he is so proud of.

It was impossible to wake the bad boys up the next day and therefore we ran 2 hrs late, but made it just in time for the next show in Krakow.
torun gig

Krakow Tuesday 22nd Sept
Club Grodzha

Well it was pure torture getting the gear down into the basement dungeon. The show was badly promoted, no drinks, dinner or even hotel. It looked like it was gonna be a nightmare when The Hammond broke down but we managed to fix it just before the show.

Things were looking pretty bad until our polish manager Mr Wozhy and i met Monika, who had come to the show to write about it and take photos of the show. That gave the situation a little push in the right direction and 30 min later the place was almost full (which means 30 people), an extremely small place in a extreme deep basement. After the show we took off and the house sound-man Luciano Lucifer joined the band. We went to his parents house and picked up his passport, which i later realized had expired in June, so we planned to smuggle him into Croatia. Now we are 8 people in the bus so it’s a bit crowed.

In Krakow we got a new power converter which Wozhy bought for us and now the sunpower system is operating a fridge and freezer, yes… you heard me, ice machine cold drinks. It is a fantastic thing to have.

Bratislava Weds 23rd Sept
Praotec Music Bar

Terrible terrible show. The place had nothing and things took a bad turn when an angry old man stopped us in the middle of the street because we were promoting the show with our roof speakers. He later called the police to stop the show.

When we arrived the the police came and some lady accused us for bumping into to her car, which we did not.

After playing 5 songs, a security guy came and shut down the power and the DJ ‘s wife pulled the plug out of my guitar, a real bitch. I later had a fight with and spit her in the face, she deserved it, she was a hysterical bitch and was hitting me as well. We started at 21:30. Nobody told us that we should be finished by 22:00. We played some quiet blues after that and hit the bar that they compensated for us and we drank wine and rum on the bill which we ran from later.

A real stupid place, we’re never going back there.

Bratislav hotel
The only thing that was good was the hotel art gallery, a cool place and nice people.

What a night!

Louie Fontaine

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